So instead of making a post of everything we make, we’ve decided to do a recap of everything we did each season. Here’s what we’ve been up to this fall:

Baking Favourites (including tons of fall-y things such as apples and pumpkin *drools*)

  1. Apple Snikerdoodles

apple snikerdoodles

2. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

pumpkin muffins

3.Chewy ginger cookie

chocolate cookies

One Smart Cookie by Julie Van Rosendaal

4. Apple muffins


5.Caramel-apple cinnamon rolls (TO DIE FOR)

cinnamon buns

6. Homemade pumpkin bread

pumpkin bread

Bread by Beth Hensperger

7. Cinnamon- fudge brownies


Chocolate – Divine Indulgence by Carla Bardi and Ting Morris

8. Halloween gingerbread cookies


(secret family recipe sorry)

9.  Pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

Crust- Julia Child *all hail Julia*

Filling- back of pumpkin puree can?..

10. No bake coconut-chocolate-peanut butter balls

Choco-coco-peanut butter balls

Also, here’s a little Autumn Playlist we put together: